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Quantum Leaps 2022

Quantum Leaps 2022

Quantum Leaps is a virtual Girls STEAM & Leadership conference for ALL Kootenay & Boundary girls in grades 8 to 12.


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08 Mar 2022
This is a past event.

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Taking place on International Women’s Day, the 2022 event will aim to inspire, educate, and introduce participants to a variety of STEAM-focused education and career pathways while emphasizing the importance of women’s leadership and an over-all conference theme of Health.

We’re pros at dreaming big, building connections and linking you with professional women from across Canada who pursued STEAM education and careers, and want to share their stories with YOU!

Here’s the low down:

  • Experience a virtual platform that beats hanging out on ZOOM by a bazillion Quantum Leaps
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day in a way that emphasizes leadership and pursuing your passion – especially if you love STEAM and are inspired by the emphasis on health!
  • Choose Your Own Adventure! Select the workshops you are most interested in learning about, and customize your Quantum Leaps experience.
  • Understand how the future of work is changing and learn about the skills you’ll need to thrive as you navigate your journey from student to working professional.
  • Feel confident that with a little passion and a lot of hard work you can continue your love for learning about science, technology, engineering, art and math, and build a life that you love!

Meet women who were just like you when they were your age! Learn about their cool jobs in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Get the information, inspiration and energy boost you’re craving – so you can feel confident about what’s next for you.

Is the Quantum Leaps: Girls In Steam + Leadership Conference for you?

  • Your friends or family don’t always have the same ideas as you when it comes to your passion for STEAM. You’re craving honest conversation with people who just get it.
  • You’re scratching your head…they say, “go after your dreams and make good choices”, buuuut you have no idea what that ACTUALLY looks like when it comes to crafting your future.
  • You feel like you’re missing out on a lot right now, and that makes it hard to be inspired about what’s ahead.
  • Ultimately, the biggest thing you’re worried about is not actually achieving your goals. And not feeling excited about learning subjects you used to love is weird.
    You feel like you just need some connections and inspiration, from real STEAM professionals, that nudges you to dream big again.


Are two of your faves on at the same time?! No worries – we’ll send you the recording after the event!

Many thanks to our incredible team of volunteers: Anne Simonen, Gabrielle Herle, Takaia Larsen, Jae Euteneier, Aura Romay, Leanne Caillier-Smith

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Hourly Schedule

Tuesday March 8, 2022 | 3:30-8pm PST

4pm PST
KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Dr. Shelina Musaji: The Possibilities of Practicing Medicine.
4:40pm PST
SPEAKER – Michelle Spencer: Statistics to Stories
4:40pm PST
SPEAKER – Jennifer Sun: Pathway to a PhD: Biomedical Engineering
5:20pm PST
SPEAKER – Cindy Lazenby: Pathways to Health Entrepreneurship
5:20pm PST
SPEAKER – Aura Romay: Health: How video games help us channel our emotions, skills, and habits.
6pm PST
PANEL – Takaia Larsen & Rural Pre-Medicine Program Students & Alumni: Discover Rural Pre-Medicine
6:40 pm PST
SPEAKER – Jae Euteneier: Online Harassment and You
6:40 pm PST
SPEAKER – Emily Lankhorst: From Music to Medical: It’s Okay if You Don’t Know!
7:20pm PST
SPEAKER – Gabrielle Herle & Nicole Wiet: Health, Safety & the Trades – A Lifelong Journey