GLOWS BiodiversiTV: Highlighting Kootenay Biodiversity with a STEAM + Careers Lens

GLOWS BiodiversiTV celebrates the biodiversity of our region, the amazing careers available to those who are inspired by using science and technology to protect the planet, and the digital and science literacy recommended by professionals in our region.

GLOWS BiodiversiTV is a multimedia and bilingual STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math) + Careers learning experience for youth ages 10 to 18. During its launch in 2020 for Science Literacy Week, we showcased four organizations (aka heroes) working to protect biodiversity within the Kootenay region. 

This online educational  program was designed just for educators (and everyone who identifies as one in this unique time in history) to provide engaging, multimedia content to learners throughout the Kootenay region. 

GLOWS BiodiversiTV was made possible with the support of National Science & Engineering Research Council (NSERC) for Science Literacy Week 2020.