time.ly LOGOEvery day we wake to a world of events happening all around us: meetings, get-togethers, concerts, classes, festivals, markets, sporting games and promotions, sales and grand openings. From these events are spawned possibilities: new friendships, the discovery of new interests, the sharing of ideas and experiences. These events exist in an ever evolving tapestry of possible experiences just waiting for us to discover them – if only we knew where to look.

With all of our technology, our mobile advancements and social connectivity, we have ended up with a complicated and fractured array of options when searching for or creating events. Most people give up and return to ancient systems of discovery: newspapers, posters and word-of-mouth-systems not capable of presenting the full event scape that surrounds us.

The problem is that there are simply too many online calendars and none of them talk to each other. And without some kind of event sharing between calendars, users are stuck having to visit each one of those hundreds or thousands of calendars individually. And who has time for that?

For event creators, it’s even worse: they have to post and update event listings on all of those calendars. And this takes too much time, too much energy, often too much money. All of which leads to a vicious loop: if event calendars don’t have events, then users won’t use them. If event calendars aren’t attracting users, then event planners won’t waste time posting their events.

Rather than build another event calendar, Time.ly Network Inc decided to create an event platform. Their motto is “Calendars of the World, Unite!” not because they offer one place that people need to go to find events, but because they provide a solution that can connect all the world’s calendars into a single global network. Users will be able to access the same event data, location, attendee info, tickets and comments, regardless of the website or event app they choose to use. It is, arguably, the Internet’s most complete global platform of events, consisting of over 40,000 public calendars and growing. SIDIT funds will be used to further develop the platform, increase user satisfaction and market their platform system.

“The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust is proud to be supporting this innovative technology company, “states Grace McGregor, SIDIT Chair. “We believe Time.ly Network Inc. will promote economic development not only in the Central Kootenay region, but in the entire world. It’s about time!”

“Our mission is to profoundly improve the way people organize, promote and discover events,” says Bradley Roulston, Time.ly Network Inc Co-founder. “SIDIT has believed in our team and the vision from the beginning. Having this level of support and guidance in the Kootenays is imperative for local companies going big.”

For further information contact:

Bradley Roulston, Business Development Manager
Time.ly Network Inc.

About the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust
The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust was created by an Act of the BC Legislature in 2006. SIDIT received a one-time allocation of $50 million designated for strategic investments in sustainable economic development initiatives throughout the southern interior of British Columbia. The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust Act mandates investment in ten areas of the economy. These areas include Energy, Forestry, Mining, Olympic Opportunities, Agriculture, Transportation, Small Business, Tourism, Pine Beetle Recovery, and Economic Development. SIDIT is managed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of thirteen members – eight elected officials and five provincial appointees from the SIDIT Region. SIDIT is focused on supporting economic development initiatives that will demonstrate long term measurable economic impact within the Southern Interior.

A full overview of SIDIT can be found at www.sidit-bc.ca
For further information contact:

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