Women Tech Entrepreneurship Mastermind Program

Our first Women in Tech Entrepreneurship Mastermind program came to a successful conclusion at the end of March. Seven women from around the Kootenay region took part in our three-month program. They learned from industry-leading experts, shared essential resources, and spent time discussing the successes & challenges faced by each participant.

During the program’s first month, the key topics discussed were ‘Leadership & Culture’ and ‘Scaling Your Business.’ During the Leadership & Culture session, participants discussed ways to develop a positive workplace culture with staff working in-person and virtually. The Scaling Your Business session took participants through the four phases of growth: ideation, validation, activation, and proliferation.

The second month of the program covered ‘Marketing Fundamentals’ and ‘Fundraising/Investment Readiness.’ Marketing fundamentals encouraged participants to establish their brand fundamentals and keep the 5-second rule in mind when developing their messaging. In addition to the messaging, key recommendations focused on providing quality and consistent messaging when utilizing various marketing platforms. The Funding & Investment Readiness session introduced participants to multiple methods of raising capital funds, engaging with potential investors, and seeking financing.

The final month concluded with sessions on “Brand Storytelling/Public Speaking” and a fireside chat with a pair of successful women entrepreneurs. During the brand storytelling and public speaking session, participants learned how to develop their brand stories in a manner that would speak to their target demographic. The final session concluded with a fireside chat, where participants learned how two women worked through ups and downs to build their successful businesses.

The three-month-long program successfully connected women tech entrepreneurs from across the Kootenay region and gave them access to various entrepreneurial experts. Kootenay Association for Science and Technology was thrilled to provide this program with funding from Discovery Foundation and the Women in Tech World. This program would not have been possible without the team of experts from Volition and the excellent facilitators from myCEO.

If you are interested in being notified of future cohorts, follow this link to sign up for email notifications.

To learn more about the program, please visit our program page.

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