Did you experience Science Literacy Week? From September 21-25, 2020, organizations from around the country created online or in-person events to celebrate each and everyone’s unique relationship with science. The theme for Science Literacy Week this year was Biodiversity.

As you know, we’re pretty big fans of science and technology here at KAST which is why we didn’t hesitate to be a part of this initiative and to create BiodiversiTV, a new bilingual multimedia learning experience.

Through a four-day video series, our GLOWS team promoted Kootenay organizations that work hard to preserve biodiversity in our region. We added a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) and career lens to the project so students could learn about the education and career pathways of the professionals leading these local initiatives, and what it’s like to work for these organizations. Throughout BiodiversiTV, we discovered there is so much science and technology used to support and improve their work! We were thrilled to be able to meet such inspiring people.

With about 800 youth reached with this program, KAST is proud to say that BiodiversiTV was a success.

One exciting benefit of a video series like BiodiversiTV, is that the content is still online and available for you to watch whenever you choose!

By following the links below, you will have access to:

  • BidoversiTV Video of the Day
  • Educational resources for Educators
  • Educational resources for Community Partners
  • Activities 
  • Featured Faves (apps, books, podcasts recommended with the topic of the video)

Do you want to discover our episodes? 


Discover what it’s like to be a Wildlife Biologist protecting species at risk in beautiful Creston Valley, located in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.
Watch as we follow Marc-Andre Beaucher, Head of Conservation Programs at Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, to Duck Lake where he works to enhance the habitat for the Northern Leopard Frog. This frog is one of two known populations in B.C. that is red listed, which means the frog is an indigenous species to BC that is threatened. Learn about the protected area, the technology used to support the work being done, and the education and career pathways available to pursue STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) in the field of Wildlife Biology

Watch in English

Watch in French



Have you ever considered pursuing a career in biology, earth science or botany? Meet three professionals: Beth Millions, Ayla Bennett, and Chad Hughes – who followed their passion for the natural world to land their dream jobs at the Elk River Alliance.

Learn about a water monitoring project that, with the support of advanced technology, will give them water temperature data for up to 50 years! This data will help them determine the impact of climate change on creeks, and the species that live there, that flow into the Elk River in Fernie, British Columbia. 

Watch in English

Watch in French



Did you know that the second leading disruption to biodiversity is invasive species? Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society does the very important job of combatting plant and aquatic species that don’t belong in the Kootenay region. They’re protecting our biodiversity every day! 

You’ll meet four dynamic women from this organization and learn about their education and career paths, the technology used to support their work, and how you can stop the spread of invasive species where you live! 

From Creston Valley to Nakusp, B.C., this team of technicians is doing great work: 

Nerrissa Abbott, Senior Field Technician, Jessica Zimmer, Summer Field Technician Intern, Khaylish Fraser, Aquatics Program Coordinator, Laurie Frankcom, Education Program Coordinator

Watch in English

Watch in French



In a beautiful integration of traditional ecological knowledge and western science, the Okanagan Nation Alliance Natural Resources team is managing a five year project to enhance habitat for the Arrow Grizzly Bear (ki?lawna?).

On this episode of BiodiversiTV, we follow three staff members as they tell us about the project, their education paths, and the science and technology that helps them do this important work. 

Meet Yvonne Patterson, Wildlife Biologist; Addison Fosbery, Senior Wildlife Technician, and Sterling Peterson, Field Technician and Drone Pilot, as they work to understand, protect and enhance life for Grizzly bears in the Monashee range near Nakusp, B.C.

Watch in English

Watch in French


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