From what we know, Georgia Boone is a true maker (and our reliable source is her parents!). She really likes making things like bath bombs, cookies, hot chocolate and she sells them in the town square in Rossland. She seems to be a very creative kid and it definitely shows in her contraption. Check out the drawing and see for yourself! 

Georgia definitely understood what we were looking for as she started the description of her contraption by saying: “My problem was”. Yes “was”, because she found the solution and she called it T.A.C.S or The Anti COVID Suit. She thought about everything, from the choice of colours to the type of materials, the air filter and how to eat when you have a “bubble” around your head. It is quite detailed!

This suit would allow kids to breathe COVID-free air and to keep socially distant as you can’t get too close to someone with the helmet on your head anyway. There is also a pocket for your sanitizing gel and it comes with protective mittens!

Her mother Kirsten Smillie also said to us that she loves to listen to music, read, ski and travel. Her parents are super proud! “Georgia had so much fun coming up with this idea, doing the artwork and writing the description, it’s awesome for her to be recognized for such a cool idea.”

 Thanks to Georgia and her teacher, Laura Jackman, from Rossland Summit School for participating! We hope you enjoy your prizes. Thanks to IO Design & Engineering for partnering with us to provide the 2020 classroom winner prizes.

GLOWS and the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology would like to thank FortisBC for their ongoing support and title sponsorship of the Kootenay Contraption Contest. Without sponsors like FortisBC it would be very difficult for  KAST to continue to offer Growing and Learning Opportunities With STEAM to youth in our region.


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