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We are no longer accepting applications for this program. If you are interested in learning about future cohorts, please fill out an interest form.

Women in Tech Entrepreneurship Mastermind Program

Women in Tech Entrepreneurship Mastermind Program

If you are a Kootenay-based woman thinking about or already are an entrepreneur in a tech-based business, this program is for you!

At Volition, we build capacity, connectivity, and knowledge within global startup ecosystems through co-creating and delivering value alongside trusted partners.

We believe that startup ecosystems are made stronger and more sustainable when ecosystem actors find meaningful and creative ways to collaborate. With this in mind, we work closely with trusted ecosystem partners from across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, to deliver skills-based training, coaching, and curated events to startups.

The Mastermind will draw on Volition’s pool of in-house Startup Coaches to deliver expert content as a first resource for subject matter expertise. Volition is the delivery partner for this program.

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Program Details

The Format: There will be six 90 minute meetings held over three months, where a group of women will meet with an Industry expert. These will be intimate meetings as only eight women will be selected to participate in the Mastermind program. Participants may choose to attend the meetings in person at the Nelson Innovation Centre or via Zoom Conference.

Meeting Structure: The structure of each meeting will be like a personalized workshop with an Industry Expert presenting on a topic related to entrepreneurship, leadership, financial management, and more. Depending on the topic, there may be resources sent out in advance or to take home. There is a list below of the potential topic subjects.

Once the Industry Expert has presented, there will be a round-table discussion between the group members and the presenter.

Location: Participants can attend the meeting in person at the Nelson Innovation Centre, in Nelson BC or virtually via Zoom Conference.

Our Mastermind Facilitators

The Women in Tech Entrepreneurship Mastermind Program is Delivered by:

KAST guest speaker myCEO founder Betty Hasker

Co-Founder & Business Coach

Betty is a career executive with core competencies in business development and strategy across a broad range of industries.
KAST guest speaker myCEO founder Glorie Averbach

Co-Founder & Business Coach

Glorie is an expert in building small businesses in the technology sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a supportive environment to share your ideas, a way to connect to your peers, and an opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur in the tech field. It was built exclusively for women entrepreneurs in the tech sector to help women access the support and resources to achieve their business goals. We invite all women-identified people to register.

We are looking for women of any age and stage of life who want to learn about entrepreneurship and starting/growing a business. Technology or STEM related business ventures will be the primary focus; however, the program will be open to participants in other sector-related ventures.

  • Build a personal board of directors to accelerate participants’ companies and careers
  • Curated, intimate connection with experienced women in tech from outside of their network
  • Collaborative peer to peer learning and problem solving
  • An open forum to talk about wins, fears, challenges, and experiences in a safe, non-judgmental environment
  • A sense of shared endeavor – there are others out there!

Here are some of the potential topics:

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: The Growth Mindset
  • Work Life Balance, Burnout, Self-Care & Time Management
  • Developing Your Leadership Voice
  • Pitch Skills & Negotiation Tactics
  • Identifying Personal, Business & Financial Support
  • Business Planning & Financial Management
  • Effects of Gender Systems on Entrepreneurship
  • Sales Forecasting & Business Development

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