Over the next five days, we will be announcing the classroom winners of our Kootenay Contraption Contest and the communities they’re from. Today, we are thrilled to feature the two winners from Nakusp, BC a community that has been super involved in our GLOWS events (thanks Nakusp schools!).

This year, we have two class winners from Nakusp: Waverley Lario and Owen Howard! We are also pretty excited that our first annual Educator’s Edition winner prize went to a Nakusp teacher. Read more about it here!

Our Kindergarten winner is Waverley Lario. She surprised us with her robot, “Suzie”, who could help build snowmen by forming the snowballs more gently, with temperature control to make sure the snowballs won’t crack. We liked the part about Suzie being “gentle” and being able to keep the kids outside company by playing with them. We also liked how Suzie can help dry their clothes thanks to an integrated heater (which would not get too hot – we don’t want the snow to melt!).

We asked her parents a few questions to help us get to know her better:

“Waverley (Wavey) is an animal lover who adores her dog, cats, and has a name for and knows the personality of every chicken in her grandma’s coop,” said her mother, Kate Grout-Lario. “She loves to write, draw, and play outside.  She is independent and determined.  Her favourite food is garlic stuffed olives. I feel so proud and happy for her.  She has been hesitant to enter contests or put her work on display in the past, so this is wonderful for her.”







Our Grade 1 winner is Owen Howard. Did you ever dream of a peanut-free food vending machine at

school? Owen gave it a lot of thought and described the contraption that would help him solve his problem: “I get hungry while I’m outside and I’m not allowed peanuts in my class.”

He thought of a full kitchen packed into a robot that would be able to go everywhere, even on bumpy roads in winter, with an oven that runs the machine. Kids would be able to program their own recipes or use the recipes included with the robot to get snacks when they are playing outside. We really like that the problem was clearly enunciated. Good job Owen!

They both won amazing prizes for their classes: Classroom STEAM Kits that include a robotic arm, catapult, smartphone microscope and Makey Makey Go.

Thank you to IO Design & Engineering for partnering with us on the STEAM Kits for classroom winners and thank you to Elizabeth Tupper, their teacher, for participating in this year’s contest!

GLOWS and the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology would like to thank FortisBC for their ongoing support and title sponsorship of the Kootenay Contraption Contest. Without sponsors like FortisBC it would be very difficult for  KAST to continue to offer Growing and Learning Opportunities With STEAM to youth in our region.

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