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KVN Founders

Founders interested in presenting to the KVN are encouraged to contact us to discuss your opportunity.

In the meantime, here are some steps for you to consider.

  1. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the KVN Investment Thesis
  2. Review the content below
  3. Complete your Founder Application Form
  4. Submit your required documents

KVN Investment Schedule

The KVN is always open and accepting applications from Founders. There are no deadlines and your opportunity to present to the Network happens when you’re ready.

KVN Deal Screen

KAST screens deal flow based on the following criteria so that you are ready to present  the KVN:

  • Business plan and exit strategy
  • Concise and compelling pitch deck (5 and 10 minutes)
  • Safe Harbour Statement
  • Observation of macroeconomic & industry trends and the company’s positions within these trends
  • Unique market opportunity – target audience and size
  • Competitive landscape with barriers and risks
  • Clear business milestones and key metrics
  • Strong founder(s) and management team plus network of advisors
  • Thorough customer validation results
  • Strategic customer acquisition methodology
  • Minimal viable product and early traction
  • Revenue – scalable projections
  • Financial – current valuation and milestones for next fund raise
  • Review of the company’s ability to support growth
  • Investment ‘ask’, equity shares, terms and use of capital

If a deal/venture is deemed not ready for investment, the Founder is encouraged to work with KAST though it’s Venture Accelerator Program.

Deal Flow Process

The KVN Deal Flow Process follows a standard industry practice:

  1. Applicant applies and provides require documents
  2. Deal is screened by a KAST EIR
  3. Deal is offer to the KVN for consideration
  4. Deal is presented to KVN in-person/on-line
  5. Due Diligence Meetings
  6. Due Diligence Reports / Check-list
  7. Investment Closing

Note: Investor Members are not obligated to invest and do so at their own discretion.