As a part of an ongoing effort to support retention and expansion within the technology sector, KAST (Kootenay Association for Science & Technology) has partnered with researchers at Selkirk College’s Applied Research & Innovation Centre (ARIC) to present a survey aimed at taking the temperature of today’s landscape. 

As the importance of the tech sector in rural British Columbia continues to grow, KAST is seeking a deeper understanding of current opportunities and challenges facing local tech businesses.

“We are excited to be part of this exciting project that will result in necessary services and initiatives to support local businesses,” said Dr. Innes Schrotthenbaum, lead researcher of the project.

The survey includes a variety of topics and questions about the challenges of recruiting and keeping staff, plans for future business expansion, and overall the climate within the industry.

“The tech sector is one of the major economic drivers in our local economy,” said Kailyn Skuban, KAST Director of Operations and Programs. “Research results will provide information that will measure the economic impact of the sector and contribute to the development of regional tech strategies that support business retention and expansion in the region.”

Founders, owners and tech company executives in the Kootenay region are encouraged to take this important survey online. Follow-ups by phone will be included to ensure the results will be statistically valid. One-on-one video call meetings will also be conducted with a number of businesses to ensure results are enriched and meaningful.

As a thank you for completing this survey, participants have a chance to win a $400 KAST business membership or a $130 Google Home Device. 

You can find the Tech Suvey here

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