Kootenay Contraption Contest

November 1 to November 30, 2021

The Kootenay Contraption Contest is back! This annual GLOWS event invites students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 to imagine, design and illustrate a “contraption” that solves a problem. 

Through this contest, GLOWS is encouraging students to use critical thinking skills, design thinking, problem solving, innovation, and develop creative pitch skills! Students love the opportunity to use their limitless imaginations, and to fully experience how cool it is to bring their ideas to life through design.

The Kootenay Contraption Contest is generously sponsored by FortisBC.

For this year’s GLOWS Kootenay Contraption Contest, we challenge individual students and entire classes to come up with the most creative, most imaginative “contraption” they can dream up to solve this challenge:

2021 Educator’s Edition!

We recognize that the role of educators has been significantly impacted by the global pandemic. You are not only adapting your methods in a new and unique world of learning, you are creating innovative strategies, acquiring progressive skills and forging a new pathway for learning during these uncertain times. 

Your commitment to enriching education has been inspiring to witness! Back by popular demand GLOWS is proud to introduce the second annual Educator’s Edition of the Kootenay Contraption Contest! We want your ideas and encourage you to enter contraptions that support students OR educators.

Who will be the 2021 Winner?

Amazing prizes are up for grabs for:

  • Overall winner!  (Grand Prize TBA)
  • A winner from each grade will win a STEAM Education Kit for their entire class!
  • One individual/homeschool winner will receive a STEAM-related prize!
  • One educator winner will receive a STEAM-related prize!


  • Entries must be received by 4PM PST on November 30, 2021
  • Contraptions must solve the problem using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Math. (Remember - most contraptions are inherently STEAM based! - Don’t let this rule block your creative ideas!)
  • A written description that explains how your contraption solves the problem is mandatory.
  • Digital Media is accepted and must be emailed with an entry form

If you have any questions about your contraption idea or entry during the contest period, you can email glows@kast.com with the subject line: Question regarding Kootenay Contraption Contest.

How to enter

  • Brainstorm! The sky’s the limit.

  • Design. Illustrate. Build. Code. Write. Record. Gamify.

    There are SO many ways to share your ideas with us! Your imagination is not limited to a piece of paper.  Have fun and be creative using anything from simple art supplies to coding techniques to animation programs or even video!

Kootenay Contraption Contest Forms are delivered upon registration

Deadline: November 30, 2021 @ 4PM PST

Email: glows(at)kast(dot)com

Or mail to:


91-D Baker St.

Nelson, BC V1L 4G8