Today we are very excited to highlight Carly Beck, a Grade 8 student from Fernie, who participated in the Kootenay Contraption Contest with her teacher Mr. Preston from Fernie Secondary School. 

Carly is the kind of person who is busy with sports. Swimming, volleyball and exploring local trails are a few of the activities she loves. She’s also invested in school activities and it very much shows in her entry.

“Carly worked hard on her project and definitely spent more time than normal revising and refining it. We are really proud of her efforts in coming up with an idea to help with communication at school,” said her mother Tara Beck

Carly came up with a “smartscreen in the corner of every desk that tells students their tentative marks and the work for the day”. Her contraption could help students to be more engaged with their school work and progression as they would have access to previous marks and completed work. They would also be able to,  in real time, see specific instructions and indicate when their work is done. Teachers would also be able to see if a student needs help thanks to a button associated with the smartscreen. 

It does not stop there! The smartscreen is also waterproof (always useful) and can be charged thanks to a solar panel system. It can never be lost as it’s integrated into the desk itself! There’s so much to it, we highly recommend you read her contraption’s description. 

Thank you Carly, we wish you a very bright and successful future!

GLOWS and the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology would like to thank FortisBC for their ongoing support and title sponsorship of the Kootenay Contraption Contest. Without sponsors like FortisBC it would be very difficult for  KAST to continue to offer Growing and Learning Opportunities With STEAM to youth in our region.

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