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GLOWS 2.0 Safety

Discord has great community rules for our privacy & safety, and as the host of this virtual community GLOWS is committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive space. When you join this community you commit to the Discord privacy and safety terms (see below) as well as these simple yet powerful GLOWS 2.0 rules.

Age Limit
Youth under age 13 MUST use a parent managed account to participate.

Community Guidelines
Visit the Discord Safety Centre visiting:

Respect every member
Respect all members on this server, treat them equally respectively regardless of race, faith, gender and difference of opinion. Always treat others with the respect you want to have in return.

Use appropriate profile pictures and nicknames
We don’t allow members to use offensive nicknames, inappropriate profile pictures, e.g., offensive or sexual etc. Further, if our Admin or Instructors witness any inappropriate content we have the right to change nicknames and remove any member violating this rule.

No Offensive or Abusive Language/words
You must not use swear words, abusive words or hate speech, regardless of the language in which you use. Make sure your words are not inappropriate and don’t hurt anyone.

No Sexual or Offensive Content
GLOWS 2.0 is for all ages of people. Sexual content is strictly prohibited. Help us keep our online community appropriate and safe for all youth and members.

Ask permission before joining a voice channel
We don’t want our members to disturb a group of people enjoying a voice call. Even if you see a free slot there, you must ask them to join the conversation.

The Admins and Mods may Mute/Remove/Ban per discretion.
There is no exception to these rules. GLOWS Admin has the right to remove any member breaking the rules from this virtual community.

In the event a rule is broken and you want to report a member, or if you need help to resolve any misunderstanding between you and any other member. Feel free to send admin, moderators, a Direct Message on Discord. Any issue/challenge/report will be taken seriously, and the reporting guidelines on the Discord Safety Centre will be followed.

Thank you!