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William Clack

Revelstoke Coordinator

William, serving as KAST’s Revelstoke Coordinator, plays an integral role in the effective delivery of programs and the management of the Revelstoke Idea Factory, a celebrated local fab-lab/maker space. His background in mechanical engineering, coupled with a natural inclination towards creative problem-solving, equips him with a diverse skill set.

In Revelstoke, William is committed to fostering a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts and professionals. He sees great potential in ski towns like Revelstoke to evolve into significant centers of tech innovation and is dedicated to contributing towards this transformative vision.

As an enthusiastic participant in outdoor activities, William’s love for skiing, mountaineering, and biking not only exemplifies his connection to nature but also serves as a catalyst for his inventive endeavors. This intersection of personal hobbies and professional interests has led him to develop and refine equipment for backcountry exploration, demonstrating his ability to merge his passions seamlessly with his professional pursuits.

Motivated by the values of creativity and adaptability, William is optimistic about the evolving landscape of technology in Revelstoke. His aspiration is to cultivate a unified and progressive tech community, thereby playing a pivotal role in enhancing the town’s innovative spirit and overall development.