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KAST Team Member Thomas Archer

Thomas Archer

Executive Director

Thomas brings a wealth of experience and expertise to KAST, backed by a diverse background in leading nonprofits across various sectors. Notably, Thomas played a pivotal role in spearheading a technology organization that successfully propelled the growth of the technology sector in Saskatchewan, earning recognition as a vital economic pillar within the provincial economy.

Beyond their nonprofit endeavors, Thomas has proven to be an accomplished entrepreneur, with a history of owning and investing in small businesses ranging from retail clothing to art galleries and bath and body ventures. This entrepreneurial background has equipped Thomas with a unique perspective on driving success in diverse industries.

A strong advocate for collaboration and cultivating a positive organizational culture, Thomas understands that these elements are key drivers of nonprofit achievement. He firmly believes in creating a supportive atmosphere where both clients and staff take pride in their personal and organizational accomplishments. By fostering such an environment, Thomas inspires and empowers individuals to contribute their best and achieve remarkable results.

Thomas’s comprehensive understanding of the nonprofit landscape, coupled with their entrepreneurial spirit, positions them as an invaluable asset to KAST. With a strong focus on collaboration, culture, and a track record of success, Thomas is poised to lead KAST towards new heights, delivering exceptional outcomes and making a lasting impact on the organization and the community it serves.