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KAST Board Member Jonathan Doyle

Jonathan Doyle


Jonathan is a physicist and problem solver with over 15 years of research experience at Dalhousie University, Université du Québec à Montréal, McGill University, and Environment and Climate Change Canada. Much of his previous work was in cloud microphysics and climate change in the Canadian high arctic. Through this research, combined with his interest in computers and programming, he developed specialization in scientific modelling, computational physics, supercomputing, and data science. He also has significant experience interfacing computers with the physical world through experimental measurement and data collection, and remote lab operation and control.

In his current role at Selkirk College, Jonathan leads the Advanced Computing team at Selkirk Innovates and is focused on applying cutting-edge technology and analysis to a wide variety of problems that local businesses and industry are facing. He is also a faculty instructor for University Arts and Sciences, teaching computer science as well as physics and math.

In his free time, Jonathan pursues further nerdy endeavors such as custom home automation and programming, prolific board and computer gaming, as well as playing music on any number of stringed instruments. He will even venture outside from time to time to climb boulders or crags all over the province.