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KAST Board Member Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor


After graduating from Vancouver Film School in 1991, Jason worked as a computer modeler and animator in TV, architectural rendering and commercial advertising. Jason started with Selkirk College in August of 1998 and was hired to develop the Multimedia Production and Design program located at the Selkirk College campus in Trail.

In 2002, the program moved to Nelson as part of the School of the Arts where Jason assumed the role of Chair. In 2014, Jason developed the Digital Fabrication division of Selkirk College’s Applied Research and Innovation department. During that year, Jason was invited to support the development and implementation of the MIDAS facility in Trail, BC where he is currently working in applied research, program development and supporting community and industry members.

When not at Selkirk playing, Jason can be found on the golf course, ski hill or in his own workshop making something cool.