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KAST Board Member Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor


Over the past 25 years, Jason Taylor has been making waves in the West Kootenay Region of British Columbia. As the department head of the Selkirk Technology Access Centre, they have been at the forefront of tech innovation, helping bridge the gap between technology and the community.

When not busy with work, JT enjoys the great outdoors. Whether it’s hitting the golf course for a relaxing round or shredding the slopes during ski season, his love for outdoor activities is evident.

But it’s not all about work and play – JT’s passion for sci-fi, especially Star Wars, has been a constant throughout the years. From galaxies far, far away to the local tech scene, he has explored all the frontiers.

In addition to his outdoor adventures and sci-fi interests, JT has also delved deeply into applied research. His work and contributions as a board member at KAST has been instrumental in fostering innovation and creating valuable connections between technology, industry, students and the community.

Whether contemplating new tech solutions on the golf course or brainstorming ideas while gliding down the ski slopes, his passion for problem-solving shines through.