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KAST Executive in Residence Clay Braziller

Clay Braziller

Executive In Residence

Over the last 25 years, Clay Braziller (B. Eng., MBA), has worked with businesses, nonprofits, associations and government to bring innovative products and services to the market in the science and technology, engineering and health sector.

In addition to consulting, Clay lectures at SFU’s Beedie School of Business on marketing and science commercialization, sits on the board of the East End Food Coop and is an executive in residence with Foresight Clean Technology Accelerator and SFU’s Venture Connection.

Clay is the past Chair of the Neil Squire Society, former president of the B.C. Medical Device Association, as well as a founding director of the Ocean Renewable Energy Group (OREG) and the Power Technology Alliance. He has also lived through three startups, two mergers, a downsizing, and hockey stick growth.