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KAST DER3 Andree Ziswiler

Andree Ziswiler

Digital Business Advisor

Working with startups both in Canada and abroad has solidified Andree’s drive for overcoming obstacles and solving problems on the fly. Prior to Covid, she was managing Vietnam’s first premium motorcycle tour business. Andree enjoys working in entrepreneurial environments that allow her to leverage core skills and build on the growth of the business.

Andree spent many years working in transportation logistics including the heavily regulated aviation industry where she honed a detail-orientated mind and experienced the value of working with aligned systems. Having a strong analytical focus enabled Andree to apply project management skills to a variety of different challenges; within corporations, with a multi-vendor e-commerce platform, and in volunteer work abroad.

Having a passion for travel and a desire to explore new lands, Andree has thrived in a diverse array of cultures which adds to the dynamic perspective she brings to the table. Andree moved to Nelson because of her love of charming mountain towns and its unique character and diverse offerings. In her free time, Andree can be found exploring beaches, riding her motorcycle, or running the trails.