Clean Energy BC Powering Generations: Legacy to the Future Conference 2019

The Clean Energy BC Powering Generations: Legacy to the Future, June 4th-6th, 2019, showcases Trail and the Kootenays’ legacy of engineering excellence and how this impacts innovation in the region’s tech sector.

Powering Generations: Legacy to the Future is a three-day conference provides a networking opportunity to connect clean energy industry professionals, community leaders, First Nations, and technology innovators; providing a platform for urban-rural knowledge sharing.

Attendees will engage in dialogue that encourages economic diversification through clean energy projects and pushing the tech frontier, recognizing the Kootenays as a thriving hub.

Who Should Attend Clean Energy BC Powering Generations?

Clean energy industry professional
Community shaper
Clean tech enthusiast
Policy designer
First Nations leader
Young professional aspiring to join the industry

Powering Generations is the ideal setting for you to collaborate, network, and share your knowledge with others!

KAST board member Jason Taylor, a specialist in digital fabrication, rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing and an Instructor and Researcher at Selkirk College, will be speaking at Powering Generations 2019.

Jason was fundamental in the development and implementation of the MIDAS Fab Lab and will be speaking at Plenary 3 — Building the Clean Economy: Job Opportunities with CleanBC.

Join Jason at Powering Generations and register today! REGISTER NOW!

Who is Clean Energy BC?

Clean Energy BC (CEBC) is an industry association that has been the voice of BC’s clean energy industry for over 25 years. CEBC supports BC’s transition to low-carbon energy through the development of effective climate policy and clean energy electrification.

The purpose of our association is to:

    • Promote and support the growth of BC’s clean energy industry
    • Assist the growth of manufacturing, supply, and service industries in BC, serving clean energy production in the province and around the world
    • Build strong relationships with all levels of government, BC Hydro, First Nations, environmental organizations and the public to improve the sector’s social license
    • Ensure the business and regulatory climate is reasonable and efficient for operating assets
    • Improve the regulatory and economic environments for clean energy production in BC
    • Work with environmental organizations to develop science-based clean energy development models

Interested in learning more? Visit Clean Energy BC Powering Generations: Legacy to the Future.

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