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Josh Paolo Delos Santos

Meet JP

The grand prize and Grade 6 Classroom Winner of the 2021 Kootenay Contraption Contest from J.A. Laird Elementary School in Invermere is:
JP Delos Santos with his contraption Temperature Clothes

JP has won an OzoBot for himself and a STEAM kit for his classroom!

JP’s hobbies are Playing Soccer, Singing, and Dancing. His favorite pet is his dog, he had a dog in the Philippines since he was 2years old and he named it Jackpot. JP’s favorite foods are baked macaroni, spaghetti, pepperoni pizza, and ice cream. He loves reading books especially The Notebook of Doom and Zac Power, The Last kid on Earth and Dogs Man books. When it comes to TV shows JP is always watching Wild Kratts, Henry Danger, Danger force, Pokemon, and Naruto. JP is a loving and sweet boy, he always thinks of others before himself, especially his brother CJ!


Anne Simonen

Meet Anne

The Grand Prize Educators category winner from the Kootenay Area Girl Guides is:

Anne Simonen with her contraption The Convertible Play Yard.
Congratulations Anne! She has also won an OzoBot!

Anne is an engineering technician with the City of Castlegar, where she gets to learn about all the different aspects of how cities operate. After graduating high school, she got a diploma in civil engineering from BCIT, as well as a construction management degree, also from BCIT. In her spare time she is a leader for the 1st Nelson Girl Guides, as well as an avid reader.

Anne’s Contraption


Cedar Mannama

Meet Cedar

The Kindergarten Individual Winner from Nelson is:

Cedar Mannama with his triple contraption entry that included a Robot, Mechanical Fish Bowl, and a municipal lab for research!

Congratulations Cedar! He has won a home STEAM kit!

Cedar has been quite the inquisitive and precocious little boy, ever since he could talk in full sentences at 2 years old. Year-round you can find Cedar outside most of the day either swimming, making sandcastles, biking, sledding, making snowmen, helping with the family gardens, exploring the local trails and forests, even climbed Pulpit this year! When not outside, he loves singing Christmas carols, building and taking things apart including Lego, his science kit, toy cars, reading books for fun, for learning to read and for a real treat he likes books about human anatomy and inventions. Cedar loves raw vegetables, fruit, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs around a campfire and sneaking candy with his grandfather Pops.

Here is a recent interest story about Cedar and his visit with Nelson’s Mayor Dooley:

This fall he began to dress up regularly to school, to go to the park, and even to go fishing in what he calls his “Mayor Dooley” outfit, wearing a tie, suit and dress shoes that he recently inherited from his nephew. He tells people he is “Mayor Dooley” as he shakes peoples hands anywhere he is in Nelson! Recently he was invited and scheduled a visit with the real Mayor John Dooley at City Hall. He sat in the Mayor’s chair, wore the Mayor’s Coat of Arms around his neck, and photos were taken. He loved the visit so much, that he asked  if he could go visit the Mayor again!


Charlie Taylor

Meet Charlie

The Grade 1 Classroom Winner from Erickson Elementary School in Erickson is:
Charlie Taylor with his Carbon Capture Contraption.
Congratulations Charlie! He has won a STEAM kit for his classroom.

Charlie has always wanted to be an inventor. He loves building creations, inventing contraptions and creating new games. Charlie has two dogs and a younger sister. He loves reading, camping, and playing hockey.

Charlie’s Contraption


Harper Dingwall

Meet Harper

The Grade 2 Classroom Winner from Lindsay Park Elementary School in Kimberley is:

Harper Dingwall with her contraption The Planter.
Congratulations Harper! She has won a STEAM kit for her classroom.

Harper loves animals, especially dogs. She is currently reading the series Puppy Place every night. She and her younger sister love to dance, ski, and bike.

Harper’s Contraption


Lacey Williams 

Meet Lacey

The Grade 3 Winner from the Kootenay Area Girl Guides in Nelson is:

Lacey Williams with her contraption The Water Dropper.
Congratulations Lacey! She has won a STEAM kit for her Girl Guide Unit.

Lacey loves nature and animals. She takes care of 5 chickens, 1 dog, and 11 fish. She likes to dance and ski and bug her two sisters!

Lacey’s Contraption


Shane Smith

Meet Shane

 The Grade 4 Winner from Canyon-Lister Elementary School in Canyon is:
Shane Smith with his contraption The Everything 2.0
Congratulations Shane! He has won a STEAM kit for his classroom.

Shane is a thoughtful and kind child who always puts others first. Shane enjoys spending time with his cousins playing card games or having nerf gun fights. He loves the Montreal Canadians, playing soccer, sledding and building snow forts in the winter and watching any shows about dinosaurs and cars. Shane’s favorite foods are hot dogs and pizza, he loves listening to country music and enjoys the hardy boys series.

Shane’s Contraption


Jack Denny

Meet Jack

The Grade 5 Individual Winner from Nelson is:

Jack Denny with his contraption Dome City
Congratulations Jack! He has won a home STEAM Kit.

Jack love arts, crafts and inventing, he has a brilliant imagination and works hard to bring ideas to life. He is a great athlete working towards his black belt in taekwondo, loves ice skating and is looking forward to snowboarding this winter. He enjoys listening to rap music and watching The Simpsons!

Jack’s Contraption


 Elsa Troutet

Meet Elsa

The Grade 7 Winner from École des Sentiers-Alpins in Nelson is:

Elsa Troutet with her contraption The Self-Sufficient Greenhouse Congratulations Elsa! She has won a STEAM Kit for her classroom.

Elsa is an enthusiastic, lovely human being, who loves to tackle projects. When she’s not too busy with gymnastics or piano playing, she will gladly bake a complicated dessert for you, embark on an outdoor adventure or spend precious quiet moments with her two cats, Taiyo and Ziggy. And through it all, you will be charmed by her contagious cheerful mood.

Elsa’s Contraption


Ariana Malara

Meet Ariana

The Grade 8 Winner from École des Sentiers-Alpins in Nelson is:

Ariana Malara with her contraption Deep Glitch!

Congratulations Ariana! She has won a STEAM Kit for her classroom.

Ariana loves nature, the outdoors and playing with her friends.

Ariana’s Contraption


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