What's Next in AI: And what that means for B.C.

What’s Next in AI: And what that means for B.C.

What's Next in AI: And what that means for B.C.

What’s Next in AI, presented by Innovate BC, is a half-day event featuring keynotes, panels, and presentations from industry and government leaders.

Join Innovate BC on October 1st and spend your morning learning how Artificial Intelligence innovation is transforming the public and justice sectors and what that means for residents of British Columbia.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be split into two broad types: Narrow AI and General AI.

Narrow AI is what we see all around us in computers today: intelligent systems that have been taught or learned how to carry out specific tasks without being explicitly programmed how to do so.

This type of machine intelligence is evident in the speech and language recognition of the Siri virtual assistant on the Apple iPhone, in the vision-recognition systems on self-driving cars, in the recommendation engines that suggest products you might like based on what you bought in the past. Unlike humans, these systems can only learn or be taught how to do specific tasks, which is why they are called narrow AI.

Artificial general intelligence is very different and is the type of adaptable intellect found in humans, a flexible form of intelligence capable of learning how to carry out vastly different tasks, anything from haircutting to building spreadsheets, or to reason about a wide variety of topics based on its accumulated experience.

This is the sort of AI more commonly seen in movies, the likes of HAL in 2001 or Skynet in The Terminator, but which doesn’t exist today and AI experts are fiercely divided over how soon it will become a reality.

Why Attend What’s Next in AI:

  • Network with industry and government leaders who are leading Artificial Intelligence innovation and adoption in British Columbia
  • Make connections that can help grow your business and access new customers
  • Learn how you can get your Artificial Intelligence solutions into Government
  • Listen to a keynote presentation from Google

Admission is free but seats are limited. Reserve your tickets today.

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