Rural Development Institute (RDI) State of the Basin

Rural Development Institute (RDI) State of Basin Workforce Trends Report

Rural Development Institute (RDI) State of the Basin

The goal of the State of the Basin is to monitor and report on information relating to well-being in the Columbia Basin-Boundary region.  “The mandate of the RDI is to support evidence-based decision-making in our region,” says Dr. Terri MacDonald, Regional Innovation Chair at Selkirk College’s Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute. “The State of the Basin initiative is one of the primary ways we aim to advance this mandate.”

The State of the Basin Workforce Trends Report provides a summary and details of all the indicators reflecting the state of employment throughout the region.

‘Workforce’ can be generally thought of as those people currently working, or looking for work. Often it’s discussed in relation to a certain sector (e.g., the skilled trades workforce) or geographic area (e.g., Columbia Basin-Boundary workforce). A skilled and engaged workforce is critical to the success of any economy.

Forecasts from the Kootenay Regional Workforce Table indicate 4,700 new jobs in the Kootenay Development Region by 2020, as well as 18,000 vacancies as a result of retiring workers.  To get more specific with regards to tech and knowledge workers, the report identifies that professional, scientific & technical services grew  31.6%.

Employment figures indicate whether there are increasing opportunities for the people of the region, and in which sectors they will find potential opportunities. Employment data can be used to help track economic diversity, resilience, and regional prosperity.

Read the report HERE.


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