RevUP program

The RevUp program is for companies that have already shown some revenue and investment potential, but are facing some challenges to (or caused by) growth.

Founders/CEOs and their management teams receive hands-on assistance from a team of experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs), “been there, done it” technology and business professionals.

KAST delivers the RevUp program with support from the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and Accelerate Okanagan. KAST is a member of the BC Acceleration Network (BCAN) of 12 technology accelerators: some regional in focus (like KAST or Accelerate Okanagan) and others sectoral in focus (like Wavefront in wireless or Foresight in clean technology), from which we can pull EIR expertise to meet your growing company’s specific needs.

KAST’s service area covers the West Kootenay and Boundary regions, including Revelstoke. Entrepreneurs in Residence EIRs are experienced professionals who are on contract with RevUp Program delivery partners. Every company in the program is assigned a team of EIRs who become their primary advisor and coach. EIRs can source the specific talent sets your company needs via a combination of supplementary EIRs, subsidized consulting talent and subsidized targeted staffing.


  • Don Freschi (Lead)
  • Jodie Brady (Financial)
  • Amber Hayes (MIDAS)
  • Jean Marc LaFlamme (Marketing)

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Client Eligibility

Ideal RevUp clients are growing companies making a new technology product, for example in Clean technology, Agricultural technology, Life Sciences, Information & Communications (software) or Advanced Manufacturing. Prospective clients apply to the program and are evaluated based on their eligibility and their fit with the program. For KAST, prospective clients should contact for an eligibility interview. Clients must be in revenue, with annual earnings of $500,000 or more annually.

*until further notice
The following criteria serve as general eligibility guidelines:

  • Technology** or innovation-based ventures based in British Columbia or contemplating moving to British Columbia and,
  • Client candidates are bringing new technology products or tech-based innovations to market or,
  • Client candidates are working to improve the success of existing technology products or tech-basedinnovations.**Definition of “Technology”: products and productized services with engineering attributes in advanced communications technologies, digital media and web, electronics design and manufacturing, software development, mechanical and industrial technologies and/or other advanced engineering disciplines.For the purposes of BC technology acceleration programs, “Technology” has been further broken down into the following categories: Clean Tech, Digital Media/Web/Mobile, Hardware, Industrial Technology/Heavy Industry, Life Sciences/Medical Devices, Services, Software (Enterprise Software/SaaS) and Telecom/Wireless.Applicants are also evaluated based on whether the entrepreneur,
  • Is a founder, cofounder, or CEO of the company,
  • Has a management team in place or is assembling a management team,
  • Has $500,000 in place in revenue or investment,
  • Is ambitious and,
  • Is committed to the program.