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HERE Partner Cindy Chambers, MBA & Woodbury Point

Cindy Chambers Sales & MarketingThere are any number of businesses who have come up with the great idea, product or exceptional service.  The issue for many of them, the hurdle that trips up many startups and fledgling businesses, is how to get the word out, get eyeballs, get sales!  Tackling the all-important sales and marketing demands often provide some of the greatest challenges to any business.

New HERE Program partner, Cindy Chambers is helping to bridge this gap for the program’s participating businesses.  Currently commuting between Calgary and the West Kootenay, Cindy combines part-time teaching at SAIT with her consulting and coaching business that grows to include more and more businesses here in the Kootenays.

With a strong tie to the area – Cindy’s husband grew up in Nelson – Cindy is looking forward to finally calling their property near Ainsworth Hot Springs home.  She works with clients spanning a diverse range of sectors including telecommunications, agriculture, technology, oil and gas, not-for-profit, and manufacturing, just to name a few.

The busy Sales & Marketing specialist brings a thorough background and experience which, alongside her love of collaboration, allows her the insight to understand a given company’s culture as well as quickly identify and diagnose the needs and challenges they may face.  Cindy’s sharp business acumen and her ability to grasp quickly both the strategic nature of a business as well as the nuances that make an organization unique sets the foundation for her positive contribution in a short period of time.

Specific to her Venture Accelerator and HERE program expertise, the clients Cindy works with enjoy the benefit of her willingness to listen, targeted probing and questions to accurately identify need so as to effectively distill information into actionable plans for the best outcomes.

All clients are looking for the best bang for their marketing buck.  VAP and HERE clients come to her for many of the basic marketing needs such as wordsmithing, helping with effective advertising collateral and, particularly pertaining to startup clients, translating technical “geek speak” into laymen’s terms.

Cindy identifies one of the most important facets to effective sales and marketing as being the importance of clearly understanding who the target customer is.  In this age of digital marketing, geography becomes less a factor in identifying a target audience.  Particularly with regards to tech and innovation startups, the target audience may just as easily be from around the globe as around the corner.

A true team player, Cindy is as comfortable in the board room as in the trenches.  Strategically, she excels at providing clarity of direction, identifying competitive advantage, and facilitating discussions that move organizations in a profitable direction.  Tactically, it isn’t uncommon to find Cindy working a trade show booth, carting boxes, or performing any of the myriad of tasks that are necessary for organizations to successfully market themselves.

Cindy has honed her management and leadership capabilities to a high level of performance.  Career successes include launching new products that showed immediate financial success, eliminating under-performing products from portfolios, and successfully leading cross-functional, multi-cultural, multi-time zone teams to launch new products on time and on budget.

Cindy has been responsible for fund-raising in order to secure on-going private financial support for a non-profit organization, resulting in donated funds that doubled the operating budget.  She has served as the volunteer chair on two separate non-profit boards,  leading the strategic planning process and building strong board-staff collaboration.

Cindy has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Calgary, and has spent a good portion of her career leveraging technology to implement marketing plans.   She has spent several years teaching business and marketing classes at the post-secondary level (Mount Royal University, University of Phoenix, SAIT), as well as providing marketing and strategic business consulting services across numerous industries.  She continues to take professional development workshops and courses in the areas of fund development, board capacity, and marketing and sales leadership.

Cindy Chambers-Woodbury Point Sales & Marketing

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