Industry Sponsored Student Project (ISSP) Program


Are you seeking a tech solution for a human challenge? Or have a business idea that you want a prototype for? Tap into the talents of our graduating-year Computing students who are keen to apply their skills in real-world projects.  Consider the Industry Sponsored Student Project (ISSP) program, which is also a great way to engage some possible future employees!

On-Board a Tech Team for Your next Project

In the Industry Sponsored Student Projects (ISSP) program, graduating- year students in Computing programs apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to create viable IT or software solutions for real-world industry or business challenges.

Companies from all over Metro Vancouver and beyond are tapping into the talents of our smart, driven students, and so can you!


  • A low-risk, low cost approach to your tech project
  • Possibility of viable computing solutions
  • A practical way to evaluate potential employees

Participating Programs:
These programs prepare students to be software developers and IT professionals.

  • Computer Systems Technology Diploma
  • Computer Information Technology Diploma
  • Computer Systems – Bachelor of Technology

Program Details:

Project Terms (3 times/year):

  • September and January (15-week standard terms) – students have other coursework.
  • April (5-week compressed term) – students focus on working on the projects.

Scope: 400 total hours, by all students on the team

Sponsor’s participation fee: Sponsors pay $500 per project selected, per term. This fee is waived for registered NPOs.

Students’ Skills (depending on the programs and option specializations):

Programming languages and platforms

  • Java, C, C++, C#, DHTML
  • PHP, ASP.NET  Windows, Linux
  • iOS, Android
  • SQL, UML
  • Oracle, Apache, Cisco
  • And more…

Other technical skills:

  • Application software development
  • Develop and maintain complex software systems that integrate scalable components
  • Database, systems integration, network administration and security, web technology and cloud computing
  • Ability to independently learn and adopt new tools, technologies and methods
  • And more…

Suitable Projects – any software and IT projects including (but not limited to):

  • Proof-of-concept apps or programs
  • Database
  • Web development and web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital Games
  • Network admin and security
  • Task automation
  • Software or systems testing and deployment
  • Migration of systems to the cloud
  • Software testing and deployment
  • And more…

Detailed information on BCIT Industry Sponsored Student Project (ISSP) Program, such as expectations for sponsors, Intellectual Property, and submission form, is available at:
For further enquiries, email:, or call: 604.453.4021.


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