Jodi Silva, CPA, CA- Grant Thornton

HERE Partner Accounting Expert Jodi Silva, CPA, CA- Grant Thornton

Jodi Silva, CPA, CA- Grant Thornton

Like all of our exceptional local service providers in the HERE program, Accountant Jodi Silva is excited for entrepreneurs embracing the challenges and rewards that come with the journey of owning their own business.

Understanding the value that the KAST HERE program brings to the startup and entrepreneur community, Jodi was happy to offer her accounting expertise and help people to realize that accounting decisions are best made early on as an integral piece of the puzzle towards success.

Accounting and bookkeeping tend to be an area of business that people muddle through until it’s too late. It’s often not an area of expertise for business owners and one that is put off, unfortunately to great expense.

Jodi brings a decade of practice since obtaining her Chartered Accountant designation.  A valuable member of the Grant Thornton (formerly Yule Anderson) team, working in the Castlegar office, she is a leader at the practice in the implementation of professional standards.  Jodi has extensive experience with assisting startups through the initial development and growth phases of their business, making her services a tremendous asset to HERE clients.

A frequent question Jodi fields with entrepreneurs is whether they should remain a Proprietorship or move to incorporating.  “There’s a lot to be considered and it’s a question often covered early on in consultation.”  Jodi discusses not only the running of the business but also lifestyle and family life, considering all facets that may impact the direction, and, ultimately, the success, of a startup or entrepreneur.

Clients are also looking for information regarding general bookkeeping, documentation, tracking, payroll as well as the oft-dreaded tax planning.  These are areas where Jodi can lend valuable guidance, ensuring more money stays in the pockets of her clients.  Her primary objective is to provide the necessary help so clients are better able to accomplish their goals.

There are those that think that accounting is a “necessary evil,” and it becomes an afterthought for many companies. But Jodi cautions against this attitude and says, “The earlier you can meet with an accountant, the better.” For instance, in considering whether to incorporate, a meeting with Jodi, even before meeting with a lawyer, can save time, money and stress down the road. This is especially true for tech startups where a solid accounting foundation and record keeping are important to be eligible for SR&ED tax credits, or if you are considering outside investors.

Though earlier is better, Jodi is emphatic in stating, “It’s never to late to meet with an accountant!”  Jodi’s expertise and understanding of tax regulations and all of the required documentation can be helpful in tweaking and improving business operations.  She’s also well versed in the tricks of the trade that can save clients a great deal of time and stress, offering the right advice to help a business run more smoothly and help keep money where it belongs: in the client’s pocket!

Jodi finds satisfaction working and living in such a close-knit community and is impressed at how supportive individuals and businesses are to work and shop locally.  This appreciation of supporting, developing and growing local business makes Jodi particularly well-suited to helping entrepreneurs working hard to find success in our Kootenay communities.

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