Hire a BC student grant up to $10000

Get up to $10,000 a Year to Hire a Business or Tech Student

Hire a BC student grant up to $10000


Apply for a BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative (ISI) Grant to Hire a Business or Tech Student

The BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative (BCIC-ISI) is designed to cultivate future technology entrepreneurs and innovators with the ultimate goal of creating quality, high-paying jobs for the BC economy.

BCIC-ISI is focused on covering the innovation/entrepreneurial gap that is critical to providing the spark that ignites future business leaders. This program differs from a co-op in that it is driven by regional industry needs rather than educational institutions, and prepares students to start companies and create jobs in addition to filling jobs.

To be eligible, work placements must provide the student with entrepreneurial and business training and mentorship.

Student Benefit: BCIC-ISI provides post-secondary students from across BC with business, technical, innovation and entrepreneurial training, skills and experience to meet the needs of industry in BC. The program focuses on exposing students to regional industry needs and challenges, while providing students with the skills required to run a successful business.

Company Benefit: BCIC-ISI offers BC-based technology companies access to top talent and skilled workers, training of future employees, resources for a project that will move their company forward, and the opportunity to showcase industry problems to future solution providers.

Students are selected to work with companies based on their skills and the company’s needs. The students are paid for their time working with the company, by the company with the financial assistance of a BCIC-ISI voucher valued from $1,000-$5,000 (average value is $3,000), which must be matched in-kind and/or in-cash by a company contribution.


#hireaBCstudent if you are:

  • A tech company or startup in BC
  • A non-profit tech organization in BC
  • Hiring a post-secondary student from an accredited institution in BC

Your student

  • Is not a co-op student
  • Will be hired for a business or technical role
  • Is enrolled at an accredited post secondary institution in BC

You agree to

  • Offer entrepreneurial and business training to the student, including Market Validation Training
  • Match grant funding in cash or a combination of cash and up to 25% in kind
  • Complete surveys and comply with the terms of the funding

If approved you can receive:

  • $1000 – $5000 towards your student’s payroll (average $3000) per term
  • Up to two vouchers per year, worth a total of $10,000 from May 2018  – April 2019


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