Tracy Connery Photography - MadeatMIDAS CBT 25000 to hire intern

Career Internship Program: Get up to $25,000 to Hire an Intern

Tracy Connery Photography - MadeatMIDAS CBT 25000 to hire intern

Is your business growing or succession planning? Columbia Basin Trust’s Career Internship Program may be able to help meet your resourcing needs.

“This program helps create jobs and increases employment opportunities for recent college and university graduates, a workforce that is essential when it comes to meeting the Basin’s current and future business needs,” said Lisa Kilpatrick, Columbia Basin Trust Senior Manager, Economic. “At the same time, it is helping Basin businesses and organizations grow by offering competitive wages to attract a skilled workforce.”

The program was created to support businesses, as well as non-profits, Indigenous organizations and local governments in the Basin. It helps solve the puzzle of finding the capacity and resources needed to hire and train new employees or plan for succession while supporting graduates in finding employment in their chosen field.

Fernie Brewing Co. is one of the businesses currently participating in the Trust’s Career Internship Program. Fernie Brewing experienced challenges in finding the right people to meet its growth needs and balancing everything against cost constraints.

“As a smaller company, growth has to occur within an opportunity and the Career Internship Program provided that opportunity,” said Vicky Honsberger, HR Manager for Fernie Brewing. “The program allowed us to create a position that would provide value for the organization going forward and pay a competitive rate for a recent university graduate who has the potential to move into other roles and help grow the company.”

Working on the order desk at Fernie Brewing Co., Sam Higgins is learning a lot about the business and loving it.

“The Career Internship Program has provided an incredible opportunity for me. It’s allowed me to start working in the career I went to school for in a community I love and for a company I love. I feel very lucky.”

Learn more and apply at

The program may fund up to 50 percent of the new employee’s wage over the first seven to 12 months, to a maximum of $25,000. The intern position must include a training plan that provides structured learning to the new employee and transitions to full-time, permanent employment at the end of the internship.

The Trust also supports workforce needs by helping businesses hire students, including apprentices, through its other wage subsidy programs, Summer Works and School Works. Basin residents can also receive the training they need to secure immediate employment through its Training Fee Support program. These are just some of the ways the Trust is helping to create a diverse and resilient Basin economy.

Applications are currently being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Learn more at

CBT Summer Works Program

Columbia Basin Trust Summer Works Program

CBT Summer Works Program

Know a small business that could benefit from hiring a summer student? Let them know the Columbia Basin Trust has wage subsidies available in their Summer Works Program.

Columbia Basin Trust’s Summer Works program helps small businesses meet their seasonal employment needs and helps students gain meaningful work experience.

This valuable program provides wage subsidies to hire full-time high school and post-secondary students for entry-level and career-related jobs over the summer. By supporting the creation of up to 150 positions across the Basin, Summer Works also helps students find employment and gain experience.

Review the program guide to see if your business qualifies for a wage subsidy.

The program fills quickly so get ready by filling out the application worksheet now at

Application Deadline: February 14, 2019 1:00 p.m. PT/2:00 p.m. MT.


Trail BC Young Entrepreneurs program

Young Entrepreneurs Program

Trail BC Young Entrepreneurs program

Junior Achievement BC & Austin Engineering present… the Young Entrepreneurs Program with Mary Austin in Trail, BC.

Junior Achievement is a nonprofit dedicated to educating youth in business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. We are excited to launch a series of 6 (free) workshops for local youth age 9-12 that will help inspire and educate Trail’s leaders of tomorrow.

This interactive, after-school program facilitated by Mary Austin (and guest speakers) will provide basic business concepts and help identify the key success factors needed to turn personal and team performance into profit. Through this program, local youth will be inspired and equipped with the skills to bring their entrepreneurial ideas to life.

Where: Midas Fab Lab, Trail, BC

When: Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:00 PM, February 6 – March 13, 2019

Ages: 9-12

Cost: Free

For more information or to register your child, please contact Alanna Tynan at

KAST women entrepreneur bootcamp

Women Entrepreneurs WE Talk Business Boot Camp – Kelowna & Vancouver

KAST women entrepreneur bootcamp

Calling all women entrepreneurs! If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, the WE Talk Business Boot Camp is for you!

Have you been in business for a few years and are looking to expand your business? Do you want practical advice to reach the next level in your journey? Are you looking for an opportunity to strengthen your knowledge, acquire new tools and expand your network?

As part of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy, BDC is holding a free one-day intensive boot camp by and for women entrepreneurs on January 29th in Vancouver and Kelowna on January 31.

This workshop is designed as a one-day intensive program by and for women entrepreneurs, this not-to-miss boot camp is the right opportunity for you to build a better business and become a stronger entrepreneur. The event is free and seats are limited – Register NOW!

Vancouver WE Talk Business Boot Camp

January 29, 2019 at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. Register HERE.

Kelowna WE Talk Business Boot Camp

January 31, 2019 at Four Points by Sheraton Kelowna Airport. Register HERE.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are a woman entrepreneur.
  • You are the owner or majority shareholder of a company.
  • Your company has existed for two years or more.
  • Your company has annual revenues of $250,000 or more.
  • Your company has three or more employees.
  • You have a strong desire to grow.

At the end of the workshops, you will be invited to participate in an informal networking session and cocktail.

The reception will give you the opportunity to meet with local and national organizations dedicated to women entrepreneurs. It will be the perfect occasion to connect with those who offer services that meet your needs.

KAST Startup Basics

Entrepreneurs: Great Programs to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals in 2019

KAST Startup Basics

Startups and entrepreneurs are making big gains throughout the Kootenays. If you have a business or idea, here are some valuable programs to help you get the support you need to join them!

If you’ve got a new business or a great idea you’re working to bring to market from here in the Kootenays there is a lot of support out there to help you make it happen!

We believe that entrepreneurs create significant community and economic benefit, and programs such as these are fundamental to helping pave the road to growth and success.

Startup Basics offers targeted skills coaching and individualized action plans developed by experienced Executives-in-Residence and supported by industry experts.

If you are an early-stage entrepreneur and need to learn more about business and startup fundamentals you may be a great fit for the Startup Basics Program.

Entrepreneurship can seem a daunting road for those new to the journey. The Startup Basics Program helps minimize the fear by providing the tools to get started, get validated, and get to market.

This program brings skill progression and light-touch mentorship to help early-stage entrepreneurs structure and curate their ideas. All startups and growth stage companies start at the idea stage and nurturing in this phase of the process is an essential service in a productive ecosystem.

This program will serve you best if you’re already in the early stages of your business, armed with an idea or are seriously considering how you’re going to build your company.

BC Venture Acceleration Program helps entrepreneurs accelerate their growth.

The BC Venture Acceleration Program is a paid, structured venture growth program designed to guide, coach, and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs, effectively growing their technology ventures.

The program helps entrepreneurs accelerate the process of defining a proven business model based on a set methodology and set of best practices for growing technology companies. It is delivered by a team of Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) and supported by a province-wide network of partners and entrepreneurs.

The goal is to drive economic development and job creation in the province of BC by accelerating the commercialization of technology, resulting in the rapid growth of technology ventures.

Is your company already showing some revenue and investment potential? The RevUp program may be for you!

The RevUp program allows founders and CEOs, as well as their management teams, receive hands-on assistance from a team of experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs), “been there, done it” technology and business professionals.

The ideal RevUp clients is a company that is 1. growing; and 2. creating a new technology product in sectors such as Clean technology, Agricultural technology, Life Sciences, Information & Communications (software) or Advanced Manufacturing.

KAST delivers the RevUp program with support from the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and Accelerate Okanagan. KAST is a member of the BC Acceleration Network (BCAN) of 12 technology accelerators, from which we can pull EIR expertise to meet your growing company’s specific needs.

Entrepreneurs in Residence EIRs are experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Businesses in the program are assigned a team of EIRs who become their primary advisor and coach. EIRs can source the specific talent sets your company needs via a combination of supplementary EIRs, subsidized consulting talent and subsidized targeted staffing.

KAST- New Years Resolutions for entrepreneurs

Happy New Year! 8 Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

KAST- New Years Resolutions for entrepreneurs

Start the year off right and set some important New Year’s resolutions to improve your quality of work life and bring your business to the next level.

It’s that time of year again… recovering from the Holiday rush while making a little time to take stock, reflecting on the past year while planning for the New Year to come. This year, let’s see if we can be in the fortunate 8% of us that will actually stick to and achieve our New Year resolutions, personally and when it comes to our business.

Here are a few resolves that should be relatively easy-to-keep, providing for some serious bang for your entrepreneurial buck.

Update your company website

When was the last time you made a thorough review of your website? How long has it been since the last update? For many business owners, this is an easy task to neglect. You’ve paid to create a beautiful website, then it’s forgotten. Reduced to a simple, digital business card.

Given Google’s penchant for fresh content, it’s important not only to consider a redesign if your online presence harkens back to 2004, but to provide consistent updates (ie. blog) to keep the search engines, and your placement on them, happy.

Set deadlines. Meet them!

Deadlines are important, no question, but for 2019 let there be no ‘whoosh!’ as deadline after deadline meets the same desperate fate. A particularly common mistake among business owners, entrepreneurs, and contractors is giving customers and colleagues unrealistic completion dates that either simply can’t be met, or add so much to the plate as to leave you overwhelmed and under undue stress and pressure.

You may be surprised to find that most people will be happy to wait a little longer for a project to be completed thoroughly and high quality.

If you’re in the habit of promising deadlines that are too aggressive, make this the year that you step it back, and take the old adage, “under promise and over deliver” to heart. Give yourself more time and you’ll be not only fulfilling your promise but bringing your A-game with far less anxiety.

Revisit projects put on hold or abandoned

Most businesses, and individuals for that matter, have files or notepads chock full of unfinished outlines, plans for potential new endeavours, and ideas scribbled.

This may be a great time to go back and review the ideas and concepts of past potential projects, both for inspiration and possibly even new direction. Chances are, one of them could be a  viable project to revive and execute.

Face fears head-on

Despite stepping out into the unknown as an entrepreneur, there will still be fears that hold you back from fulfilling the potential of your business. Chances are there is probably something that you know will be good for your business, but are just afraid to try it.

Fear of failure is a biggie! As hard as it may be, embracing failure is vital to the growth and evolution of your business. It will fuel learning and exploration as well as help to propel you forward. Failure means movement – it will be an essential step of your path to success!

Fear of change, or upsetting the applecart, also trips up entrepreneurs. For instance, you may be feeling the need to hire – a move necessary for your growth – but are fearful of the investment. Perhaps, this year, take another look at your circumstances as well as the role you need filled and take the leap!

Consider improvements or innovations to your service or product

No business can survive if it remains static. An object in motion stays in motion, after all. Your clients expect from you the best, up-to-date and relevant product or service. As an entrepreneur or startup, you need to keep vigilantly aware of trends and innovations in your market.

Don’t wait for a crisis to motivate you forward! Innovation needs to be part of your business philosophy and plan to ensure you remain competitive. Develop and initiate a plan that includes regular brainstorming and idea sharing. To continue to progress and grow you need to approach your business, service, or product in an iterative, ever-evolving, and dynamic manner.

Where’s the money?!

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at the books – examined the budget – it’s high time! Analyzing your budget could identify over, or unnecessary spending, for instance, potentially saving your business significant amounts of money.

Cut costs wherever you can!

Proficiency = Efficiency

This is a great time of year to evaluate where you could improve your own skills and abilities to contribute more effectively to your business. Identify your weaknesses and spend a little extra time to overcome them.

Look at some of your business activities. Do you rely on advertising to grow your business? What is the status of your campaigns? Are they effective? There are online courses and, likely great training opportunities right in your community, to help you manage your advertising streams more efficiently. Are you adequately up-to-date and in touch with your market or target audience? Look at what the competition is doing and see what they might be doing to stay on point.

Stop overworking!

Probably one of the most challenging to resolve, particularly for entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners. Unsurprisingly, we’re typically workaholics, so wholly motivated by our work that we don’t know when to stop working.

There’s always something that demands a business owner’s attention, but the key to success is understanding that the exhaustion and stress that come with working constantly, with few or no boundaries, won’t be in your long-term best interest. Either for your health or that of your business.

Determine a consistent time to STOP work each day. And, unless there’s a fire to put out – which there occasionally can be! – you will be otherwise unavailable to address work calls, retrieve or answer emails, or run work-related errands.