BOS Forestry Corp Software Developer Wanted

The BBA Program is Hiring – Looking for Agriculture Specialist

BOS Forestry Corp Software Developer WantedThe Columbia Basin Trust and the Basin Business Advisors program are responding to feedback from residents, and will be enhancing their business support services specifically for agricultural producers within the Columbia Basin.

As such, they are looking to add some more talent to the stable.

The Basin Business Advisor – Agriculture Specialist will provide business advisory services to existing farm businesses including crop, dairy, poultry and meat producers in the Columbia Basin. The Advisor is a business counsellor, providing advice and guidance to business owners and managers.

This full-time position may be located at various Community Futures offices within the Columbia Basin (ideally Trail, Nelson or Cranbrook) and reports to the BBA Program Manager. Travel throughout the Basin is required.


1. Delivering business advisory services to existing agricultural businesses:

  • counselling business owners/operators in regards to financial management,  business planning, marketing, strategic planning, human resource planning, etc.;
  • conducting financial and business assessments and providing detailed recommendations;
  • meeting with clients in-person (at the client’s location or at the BBA office) or virtually (using video-conferencing or other online meeting technology); and
  • if appropriate, referring clients to specialized business consultants.

2. Representing and promoting the BBA program:

  • taking part in networking events in order to promote awareness and understanding of the BBA program.

3. Supporting the delivery of the BBA program which will include:

  • ongoing development of counselling and training materials;
  • identifying, liaising and managing relationships with specialized business consultants;
  • marketing and promotion of the BBA program;
  • systematic gathering of reporting information from clients; and
  • liaising with program partners and industry/community organizations.


Training and Experience:

  • a minimum of three years proven business experience, with direct agriculture applications.
  • knowledge of farm business management practices, including knowledge of financial practices, understanding of financial statements, knowledge of human resource practices, marketing and sales strategies, distribution, etc.;
  • a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field OR an equivalent combination of education, training and experience;
  • education and/or experience in training, coaching or counselling;
  • experience in developing business tools or training materials is an asset; and
  • experience in developing and maintaining relationships with small and medium sized businesses.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • personal qualities include characteristics which would engender trust and confidence in business owners accessing the program, such as maturity and experience;
  • strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with clients, sub-contractors, partners and the business community;
  • knowledge of farm operations;
  • excellent communication skills are required, including writing skills;
  • comfortable with speaking at public events on behalf of the program;
  • knowledge of the Columbia Basin economy is desirable;
  • ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality;
  • high level competency in the use of MS Office (primarily word and excel);
  • ability to travel throughout the Columbia Basin is required, as well as use of a personal vehicle for travel. Mileage will be paid at provincial government rates; and
  • ability to work flexible hours.

Note: this position does not require extensive knowledge regarding crop science or animal science.


To indicate interest in this position, please submit your CV to by Sept 22, 2017. Please reference BBA Agriculture Advisor in the title.

For information on the Basin Business Advisors program visit

They are also requesting qualifications for Agricultural Specialist Consultants. Please see alternate Request for Qualified Applicants posting.

BCIC Ignite

Apply for BCIC Ignite | January 2018 Deadline

BCIC IgniteBCIC Ignite provides funding to accelerate commercialization of new technologies and innovations in the natural resources and applied sciences in British Columbia. The program provides awards of up to $300,000 to consortia that are conducting research projects that address a significant demonstrated problem faced by industry and will commercialize a proposed innovation within a 3-year timeframe.

BCIC Ignite:  Bring your innovation to market faster with funding!

  • BCIC Ignite provides funding to accelerate commercialization of new technologies and innovations in the natural resources and applied sciences in British Columbia.
  • The program provides awards of up to $300,000 to consortia that are conducting research projects that address a significant demonstrated problem faced by industry and will commercialize a proposed innovation within a 3-year timeframe.
  • Apply for and learn more about BCIC Ignite HERE.

Program Overview

  • Focus: Proposals must involve the areas of natural resources, applied science and/or engineering, and must provide a clearly articulated solution to an existing problem.
  • Teams: Applicants must be a BC-based consortium comprised of two or more companies, organizations and academic researchers. All consortia must include an academic member and an industry partner.
  • Matching funds: Projects must secure matching funds from industry or government sources at a ratio of 2:1 matching dollars to Ignite dollars.
  • Timing: Projects must plan to move a proposed innovation to market within a 3-year timeframe.

The BCIC Ignite Awards on February 7, 2017 awarded a total of $873,475 to the top three BC research projects in natural resources and applied sciences:

  1. UBC’s Dr. Steven Rogak, working with Hydra Energy to develop innovations in Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (HICE) technology: Awarded $300,000
  2. UVIC’s Dr. Frank Van Veggel, working with Axine Water Technologies to develop novel electro-catalyst materials that will enhance ammonia removal: Awarded $300,000
  3. UBC’s Dr. Jonathan Holzman, working with ExcelSense Technology  to create self-cleaning camera technology for forestry and mining applications: Awarded $273,475

This brings the total amount of BCIC Ignite funding awarded to over $1.7M since the first Ignite Awards in 2016.

Apply for and learn more about BCIC Ignite HERE.


  • Winter-Spring 2018 Competition: Letters of Intent due January 2018
  • Summer-Fall 2018 Competition: Letters of Intent due June 2018

Potential applicants are encouraged to first contact Program Manager, Kailyn Skuban at 604-602-5205 or to discuss their project and the program eligibility requirements prior to submitting a Letter of Intent.

COSIA Challenges provide focused, actionable descriptions of the current state of certain Gaps as well as the desired outcomes without prescribing the means for reaching the outcomes, as this could limit potential solutions.

Apply for Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance – COSIA Challenges

COSIA Challenges provide focused, actionable descriptions of the current state of certain Gaps as well as the desired outcomes without prescribing the means for reaching the outcomes, as this could limit potential solutions.

In order to help mobilize the minds and resources of external stakeholders and global solutions providers, COSIA has identified a number of COSIA Challenges that explicitly state the innovation requirements to fill the identified gaps in knowledge and technology within each of COSIA’s EPAs.

If filled, these Gaps will ultimately support the achievement of COSIA’s Aspirations and Performance Goals.

  • COSIA is an alliance of oil sands producers focused on accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance in Canada’s oil sands.
  • The alliance works in five focus areas: water, greenhouse gas, land, tailings, and monitoring.

COSIA is keen to hear from anyone who believes they have a solution to one or more of the COSIA Challenges highlighted  – whether they be external companies (small or large), academic researchers, other research institutes, consultants, entrepreneurs or inventors.

What are COSIA challenges?

COSIA Challenges provide focused, actionable descriptions of the current state of certain Gaps as well as the desired outcomes without prescribing the means for reaching the outcomes, as this could limit potential solutions.


COSIA will evaluate the received proposals for funding through criteria that includes:

  • Overall scientific and technical merit of the proposed approach
  • Approach to proof of concept or performance
  • Economic potential of concept
  • Respondent’s capabilities and related experience
  • Realism of the proposed plan and cost estimates

How to submit a proposal

Non-members should submit their request through the COSIA E-TAP process. This process is both an easy means of responding to this request, and a safe framework for best presenting your response to COSIA.

Submit Your Ideas

KAST is proud to receive $50,000 in SIDIT support annually for our Venture Acceleration Program

Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT) Fiscal 2017 Annual Report

KAST is proud to receive $50,000 in SIDIT support annually for our Venture Acceleration Program

SIDIT’s Fiscal 2017 Annual Report has been released, which has been prepared for stakeholders, including the British Columbia Provincial Government.  The Report showcases the ongoing support of SIDIT towards economic development initiatives in the Southern Interior, from the Thompson Okanagan Region to the Columbia Kootenay Region.

KAST is proud to receive $50,000 in SIDIT support annually for our Venture Acceleration Program.

SIDIT fiscal 2017 was a successful year for SIDIT, funding $3,759,805 in loans and investments, and have cumulatively leveraged loans and investments at 2:22 to 1.  $726,511 were awarded in grants, including post-secondary educational support.

Since 2006, SIDIT has preserved the initial $50 million allocation from the BC Government and has invested nearly $55 million in projects worth over $218 million.  SIDIT’s overall economic impact exceeds $288 million, creating and preserving more than 3,000 jobs across the region. SIDIT’s ongoing support of small to medium size businesses, including start-ups, provides them the opportunity to expand operations, attract and retain employees, and allows them to compete in the global marketplace.

As part of SIDIT’s ongoing reporting and self-evaluation commitment, a third-party Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Report was prepared by Lochaven Management Consultants/Urban Matters.  The report reviewed qualitative and quantitative impact related information, and employed both primary and secondary research.

Click HERE to read the report.

ICT West Going Global

ICT West & Your Guide To Going Global

ICT West Going Global

International tech events provide significant growth opportunities – from forming valuable connections, to exploring the future of tech, to experiencing a new culture outside your own.  But, how do you best choose the event that will provide the most value to your business?

All event opportunities are not equal to all companies.  ICT West can help identify the one that’s right for you.

When it comes to choosing which event to attend, there’s more to consider than which exotic locale is hosting. As with every investment decision, business owners must ask themselves: which event offers me the highest likelihood of achieving my business objectives?

Every company has a different reason for attending a global event. Some are early stage and go for product validation and market research; others are more established and are there to meet with future and existing clients.  Whatever their reason for attending, all companies have one thing in common – a strong interest in global growth.

Before you consider going to an international tech event, check if your company meets the following criteria:

  • You are committed to investing in growth through building global relationships and business development initiatives.
  • You have the desire and ability to create new revenue streams and/or applications, and the production capacity to meet those new demands.
  • You have well-reasoned, measurable business goals and lead quotas.

ICT West is a flagship project of the Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba (ICTAM). Funded by Western Economic Diversification and in collaboration with the governments of Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba and the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), we are making a global impact by providing tactical and practical support to western Canadian tech companies to three key international events: Web Summit, CES and Mobile World Congress.

Since 2015, the ICT West team has helped 108 companies generate over $230 million in sales and investments at three of the world’s largest global tech events: Web Summit, CES and Mobile World Congress.  While these events market themselves in similar ways, ICT West has witnessed first-hand which specific business types thrive at each.

As part of their mission to provide valuable advice to tech companies in Western Canada, ICT West has recently compiled a useful guide to help businesses select the event that gives them the greatest opportunity to maximize return on their hard-earned investment dollars.

At each of these events, ICT West uses a tried and true process to provide delegates with strategic guidance and business development support. This proven methodology enables tech companies from across western Canada to be incredibly effective at using international events as a prime sales and business development medium.

“Coming to an event like Web Summit… is a little crazy and overwhelming.  Coming with ICT West, it grounds you.  It gives you that ability to have a home base; to have connections that you might not otherwise have had; and, to have a cohort to rely on to expand your network.”

Karen Olsson, Two Hat Security

ICT West is composed of companies from all sectors of the tech industry. From gaming to security systems, app design to software development and a range of businesses in between, they can help introduce your business to the world. Leveraging their knowledge of the strategy and logistics of each event, ICT West supports western Canadian tech companies in growing their businesses.

To broaden the program, ICT West heads to MWC Americas.

MWC Americas debuts this September 12-14 in San Francisco and will be the premier mobile industry event for the Americas. Kay Gardiner and Cindy Pearson from ICT West will be attending #MWCA17 offering a small-scale version of their programming to support companies at the inaugural MWC Americas event.

Rather than a typical booth, ICT West has booked a hospitality suite that will be set up for casual meetings.

If you’d like more information on this event please email Kay Gardiner  or Cindy Pearson.

Discover more about ICT West Going Global events HERE.


CDMN Soft Landing program

CDMN Soft Landing Program – Apply by August 13th

CDMN Soft Landing program

The CDMN Soft Landing program offers qualified, mature startups and SMEs exposure to business opportunities around the world. Companies can utilize this program to open new markets, close international sales, secure investment and connect with new partners abroad.

Successful candidates will receive up to $4,000 CDN in reimbursable expenses to help offset transportation and accommodation costs. Companies landing at a co-working space, accelerator or incubator will also have the costs associated with workspace covered for up to three months. Both the location and the specific landing facility are always determined by the company based on their business needs and market pull.

Is the Soft Landing program right for you?

Revenue-generating Canadian technology startups and SMEs looking to grow their customer base, open a satellite office, develop distribution channels or partnerships or secure investment abroad are strong candidates for this program. The program does not support travel for events, conferences, trade shows or trade missions.

Apply NOW!

Qualification Criteria

  • Must be a Canadian technology startup or SME
  • Your product or service must be launched and market ready
  • Company must have existing revenues
  • Can demonstrate a strong probability of growing jobs, closing sales or securing investment as a result of the landing
  • Can clearly identify who you will meet with and the expected outcome of those meetings (for example revenue or investment in $ amounts)

Deadline:   August 13, 2017 midnight EDT.

Best for: startups and scale-ups

Key value: The program provides up to CDN $4,000 towards transportation and accomodation for travel outside of Canada. It also covers some costs associated with working at an international co-working space for up to three months.

Apply NOW!