KAST women entrepreneur bootcamp

Women Entrepreneurs WE Talk Business Boot Camp – Kelowna & Vancouver

KAST women entrepreneur bootcamp

Calling all women entrepreneurs! If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, the WE Talk Business Boot Camp is for you!

Have you been in business for a few years and are looking to expand your business? Do you want practical advice to reach the next level in your journey? Are you looking for an opportunity to strengthen your knowledge, acquire new tools and expand your network?

As part of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy, BDC is holding a free one-day intensive boot camp by and for women entrepreneurs on January 29th in Vancouver and Kelowna on January 31.

This workshop is designed as a one-day intensive program by and for women entrepreneurs, this not-to-miss boot camp is the right opportunity for you to build a better business and become a stronger entrepreneur. The event is free and seats are limited – Register NOW!

Vancouver WE Talk Business Boot Camp

January 29, 2019 at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. Register HERE.

Kelowna WE Talk Business Boot Camp

January 31, 2019 at Four Points by Sheraton Kelowna Airport. Register HERE.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are a woman entrepreneur.
  • You are the owner or majority shareholder of a company.
  • Your company has existed for two years or more.
  • Your company has annual revenues of $250,000 or more.
  • Your company has three or more employees.
  • You have a strong desire to grow.

At the end of the workshops, you will be invited to participate in an informal networking session and cocktail.

The reception will give you the opportunity to meet with local and national organizations dedicated to women entrepreneurs. It will be the perfect occasion to connect with those who offer services that meet your needs.

KAST Startup Basics

Entrepreneurs: Great Programs to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals in 2019

KAST Startup Basics

Startups and entrepreneurs are making big gains throughout the Kootenays. If you have a business or idea, here are some valuable programs to help you get the support you need to join them!

If you’ve got a new business or a great idea you’re working to bring to market from here in the Kootenays there is a lot of support out there to help you make it happen!

We believe that entrepreneurs create significant community and economic benefit, and programs such as these are fundamental to helping pave the road to growth and success.

Startup Basics offers targeted skills coaching and individualized action plans developed by experienced Executives-in-Residence and supported by industry experts.

If you are an early-stage entrepreneur and need to learn more about business and startup fundamentals you may be a great fit for the Startup Basics Program.

Entrepreneurship can seem a daunting road for those new to the journey. The Startup Basics Program helps minimize the fear by providing the tools to get started, get validated, and get to market.

This program brings skill progression and light-touch mentorship to help early-stage entrepreneurs structure and curate their ideas. All startups and growth stage companies start at the idea stage and nurturing in this phase of the process is an essential service in a productive ecosystem.

This program will serve you best if you’re already in the early stages of your business, armed with an idea or are seriously considering how you’re going to build your company.

BC Venture Acceleration Program helps entrepreneurs accelerate their growth.

The BC Venture Acceleration Program is a paid, structured venture growth program designed to guide, coach, and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs, effectively growing their technology ventures.

The program helps entrepreneurs accelerate the process of defining a proven business model based on a set methodology and set of best practices for growing technology companies. It is delivered by a team of Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) and supported by a province-wide network of partners and entrepreneurs.

The goal is to drive economic development and job creation in the province of BC by accelerating the commercialization of technology, resulting in the rapid growth of technology ventures.

Is your company already showing some revenue and investment potential? The RevUp program may be for you!

The RevUp program allows founders and CEOs, as well as their management teams, receive hands-on assistance from a team of experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs), “been there, done it” technology and business professionals.

The ideal RevUp clients is a company that is 1. growing; and 2. creating a new technology product in sectors such as Clean technology, Agricultural technology, Life Sciences, Information & Communications (software) or Advanced Manufacturing.

KAST delivers the RevUp program with support from the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and Accelerate Okanagan. KAST is a member of the BC Acceleration Network (BCAN) of 12 technology accelerators, from which we can pull EIR expertise to meet your growing company’s specific needs.

Entrepreneurs in Residence EIRs are experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Businesses in the program are assigned a team of EIRs who become their primary advisor and coach. EIRs can source the specific talent sets your company needs via a combination of supplementary EIRs, subsidized consulting talent and subsidized targeted staffing.

Startup Basics Program

Tools for Entrepreneurs: Startup Basics Program

Startup Basics Program

Startup Basics offers targeted skills coaching and individualized action plans developed by experienced Executives-in-Residence and supported by industry experts.

If you are a budding entrepreneur and need to learn more about business and startup fundamentals you may be a great fit for the Startup Basics Program!


We know that entrepreneurship can often seem daunting or intimidating to those first starting out. The Startup Basics Program helps minimize this fear by providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to get started, get validated, and get to market.

Startup Basics fills a gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem bringing skill progression and light-touch mentorship to help early-stage entrepreneurs structure and curate their ideas.

This stage of entrepreneur eventually start companies and create significant community and economic benefit.  All startups and growth stage companies start at the idea stage; nurturing at this stage is an essential service in a productive ecosystem.

You will get the most out of the program if your business is in the early stages, already armed with an idea or are seriously considering how you’re going to build your company.


1. Startup Fundamentals

2. Positioning Statement & Minimal Viable Product

3. Legal & Accounting Basics

4. Business Model Canvas

5. Customer Discovery & Validation

6. Budget Basics & Protecting Your Idea

7. Pitching

8. Lived It & Learned it — advice from experienced entrepreneurs




#nvbc2017 Round 2.5 – placing 17-43

KAST VAP Client Cyberdontics Advancing #nvbc2017

#nvbc2017 Round 2.5 – placing 17-43The results are in for those companies moving on to the next round of the #nvbc2017 competition! The esteemed panel of judges have evaluated the Round 2 submissions.

While there were a few ties, there are 16 ventures moving directly into Round 3, and 27 ventures pitching in Round 2.5.  KAST VAP client, Cyberdontics, was one of them!

Cindy Chambers Sales & Marketing

HERE Partner Cindy Chambers, MBA & Woodbury Point

Cindy Chambers Sales & MarketingThere are any number of businesses who have come up with the great idea, product or exceptional service.  The issue for many of them, the hurdle that trips up many startups and fledgling businesses, is how to get the word out, get eyeballs, get sales!  Tackling the all-important sales and marketing demands often provide some of the greatest challenges to any business.

New HERE Program partner, Cindy Chambers is helping to bridge this gap for the program’s participating businesses.  Currently commuting between Calgary and the West Kootenay, Cindy combines part-time teaching at SAIT with her consulting and coaching business that grows to include more and more businesses here in the Kootenays.

With a strong tie to the area – Cindy’s husband grew up in Nelson – Cindy is looking forward to finally calling their property near Ainsworth Hot Springs home.  She works with clients spanning a diverse range of sectors including telecommunications, agriculture, technology, oil and gas, not-for-profit, and manufacturing, just to name a few.

The busy Sales & Marketing specialist brings a thorough background and experience which, alongside her love of collaboration, allows her the insight to understand a given company’s culture as well as quickly identify and diagnose the needs and challenges they may face.  Cindy’s sharp business acumen and her ability to grasp quickly both the strategic nature of a business as well as the nuances that make an organization unique sets the foundation for her positive contribution in a short period of time.

Specific to her Venture Accelerator and HERE program expertise, the clients Cindy works with enjoy the benefit of her willingness to listen, targeted probing and questions to accurately identify need so as to effectively distill information into actionable plans for the best outcomes.

All clients are looking for the best bang for their marketing buck.  VAP and HERE clients come to her for many of the basic marketing needs such as wordsmithing, helping with effective advertising collateral and, particularly pertaining to startup clients, translating technical “geek speak” into laymen’s terms.

Cindy identifies one of the most important facets to effective sales and marketing as being the importance of clearly understanding who the target customer is.  In this age of digital marketing, geography becomes less a factor in identifying a target audience.  Particularly with regards to tech and innovation startups, the target audience may just as easily be from around the globe as around the corner.

A true team player, Cindy is as comfortable in the board room as in the trenches.  Strategically, she excels at providing clarity of direction, identifying competitive advantage, and facilitating discussions that move organizations in a profitable direction.  Tactically, it isn’t uncommon to find Cindy working a trade show booth, carting boxes, or performing any of the myriad of tasks that are necessary for organizations to successfully market themselves.

Cindy has honed her management and leadership capabilities to a high level of performance.  Career successes include launching new products that showed immediate financial success, eliminating under-performing products from portfolios, and successfully leading cross-functional, multi-cultural, multi-time zone teams to launch new products on time and on budget.

Cindy has been responsible for fund-raising in order to secure on-going private financial support for a non-profit organization, resulting in donated funds that doubled the operating budget.  She has served as the volunteer chair on two separate non-profit boards,  leading the strategic planning process and building strong board-staff collaboration.

Cindy has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Calgary, and has spent a good portion of her career leveraging technology to implement marketing plans.   She has spent several years teaching business and marketing classes at the post-secondary level (Mount Royal University, University of Phoenix, SAIT), as well as providing marketing and strategic business consulting services across numerous industries.  She continues to take professional development workshops and courses in the areas of fund development, board capacity, and marketing and sales leadership.

Cindy Chambers-Woodbury Point Sales & Marketing

Read more about Cindy and the HERE Program.



Apply for Metabridge | April 3 Deadline

Apply for Metabridge | April 3 Deadline

Apply for Metabridge | April 3 Deadline

Apply to Metabridge’s Top Start-up Cohort | April 3 Deadline 

The 9th annual Metabridge program connects the Top 15 Technology Start-ups with top tech executives, mentors and investors to help take their organization to the next level.

This is a highly competitive process designed for the best and brightest growth stage tech founders (late seed or early Series A). SMB can be from any technology sub-sectors and we look for demonstrated traction.

The Top 15 who make it into the program will be invited to Metabridge’s Tech Retreat in Kelowna, with access to 48 hours of VIPS, workshops, activities and 1:1 meetings.

Learn more about the program or contact sehra.bremner@metabridge.com.