You Can Do That Here Podcast

You Can Do That Here Podcast Series Finds Happy New Home at Imagine Kootenay

You Can Do That Here Podcast
We are excited to announce a huge new development on the You Can Do That Here front.

While we’ll be sad to see it go, the You Can Do That Here! podcast, produced and hosted by Andrew Zwicker of AZcreative, will be finding a new and welcoming home over at Imagine Kootenay.

Given the focus on the tremendous possibilities available to find a great job, start a business and enjoy lifestyle unsurpassed of Imagine Kootenay, it seemed the best fit for a podcast series talking about all the same things.

The podcast is a weekly series of 30 minute conversations with some of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs in the Kootenays. They say the best way to succeed in business is by talking to the best and Andrew has done just that!

Be sure to take a listen to the vast and varied – interesting and inspiring! – stories of innovators, makers and entrepreneurs and how You Can Do That Here, and live Your Better Life, first hand, from around the region.






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