KAST Your Business Launch Pad

Welcome to the Business Sherpa.
Building a business is heavy work and the Business Sherpa can ease your journey. We support innovative West Kootenay & Boundary entrepreneurs and startups, where the challenges can be varied and unique.



"You get a sense that there's a real movement going on here. I looked around and saw other companies that are accessing VAP and I saw people talking about having a business mentor and talking about that value, and doing it in a particularly Kootenay kind of way... everyone was both working hard and playing hard, and you can see that there's a lot of excitement ..." Dave Macleod, Thoughtstream (Fulcrum Management Solutions)

Live Metal Studio

My business, Live Metal Studio, has had the good fortune of working with KAST. We were just starting to work with a few large international companies on high-profile projects. With KAST’s help we were able to navigate the waters of the web more effectively and more professionally. Coach Amber Hayes is helping us communicate better and market ourselves more effectively. Her services are greatly appreciated. ~ Keith Berens – Owner, Live Metal Studios

Golden Environmental Mat Services Inc.

It is not an easy task to start a new business and KRIC’s business coaches have been with us every step of the way. The coaches offered sound advice and have decades of real world experience and knowledge. Our coach has spent the time to get to know us and our business, and has helped us to plot a path to success. His help has been extremely valuable and thought provoking. ~Golden Environmental Mat Services Inc.

Mandala Custom Homes

We engaged the KAST mentorship program with the idea of wanting to start a facebook business page for Mandala Homes. We went from 100 fans of our page to over 5,000 fans with a very high engagement rate and shares. Even more exciting is that people are calling us and buying homes from our Facebook Page.” ~ Rachel Ross, Mandala Homes

Apple Island Naturals

Small vendors often end up being isolated and it can be hard asking for help, but working with a business coach makes that easy, and with their experience they can often find answers to questions that I have spent days unsuccessfully researching. Being self-employed and working towards something is more than just a wage. My KRIC business coach helped me to not get too discouraged. Business coaching gave me confidence, direction, focus, validation and hope. It’s great to have someone on your team.~ Kathy Lind, Apple Island Naturals


“The Venture Acceleration Program from KAST has been an amazing resource for us. Our mentor, Don McCormick, has been an absolute joy to work with. We connect with him both in person and online and he has been instrumental in helping us hone our positioning statement, work on our business model, and keep on track and accountable for the things that we need to do moving forward toward launch.” Aerin Guy, Yodel by Copper Hut Technologies.