BC Gov’t “Startup in Residence” Challenges

The BC Startup in Residence (STIR) pilot is an experiment to bring the ideas and expertise of startup tech companies together with government business areas to rapidly solve public sector BC STIR 2017 Challenge Statements.

Key dates for STIR 2017

  •  Proposals due no later than Wednesday April 12 at 2:00PM  DETAILS HERE!
  • April-May: evaluation
  • May-June: Selection of winning proposals, agreement on statement of work and contract signature for phase 1 (residency and free trial period)
  • June-October: 16 week pro-bono residency.
  • November: Demonstration day celebration
  • November-March: Free trial period and potential negotiation for a Phase 2 agreement

Government and participating companies will learn from each other as they sprint through a 16 week summer residency, working side-by side to develop and launch their solution in the fall of 2017.

During the Victoria-based pro-bono residency, government and tech company teams will collaborate in government team space, (the lab if there is a web presence) and online to iteratively make their vision a reality. Teams across the STIR pilot will also come together as a cohort for workshops, guest speakers and mentor sessions, and mixers to make the most of one another’s experiences.

At the end of the residency and a free-trial period, companies will have:

  • the full rights to commercialize the solution and sell into the growing gov-tech market;
  • the potential for customer validation and the ability to reference the BC Government as a customer;
  • the opportunity to contract with the Province to continue to support, licence, or maintain the solution they created;
  • a greater understanding of working with and selling to government entities; and
  • access to a network of alumni.

Check out more information about the info session HERE.

Some valuable Q & A HERE.

Click the links in the BC STIR 2017 Challenge Statements for individual Calls for Proposals and see BC Bid to complete mandatory registration. To search for all STIR CFPs, Browse Opportunities by Organization and select  “Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training”.

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