Basin RevUp is a business growth accelerator program

Basin RevUp: New Program Accelerates Business Growth

Basin RevUp is a business growth accelerator program

While our focus is always on science and technology and doing what we can to develop these sectors, we are always, first and foremost, advocates for economic development and a growing a healthy economy for this region as a whole.

As such we’d like to help share the news about a new program to help non-tech businesses get the support they need to grow their businesses through the Trust’s new Basin RevUp program for non-technology businesses.

If you’re poised for significant growth, this accelerator business growth program can help you overcome challenges and strategize your next move through:

  • expert mentorship
  • leadership coaching
  • customized growth plans
  • targeted training and business skill development
  • peer to peer guidance

The Trust is seeking eight to ten motivated companies to participate in the first round of the program. Learn more about Basin RevUp at

Who can apply for the Trust’s new Basin RevUp program?

Non-technology based businesses based in the Columbia Basin Trust region that:

  • are positioned to grow,
  • have been operating for a minimum of two years,
  • are in a strong financial position with minimum annual revenues of $500,000,
  • have a motivated and committed senior leadership team, and
  • can confirm time commitment and financial contribution.

Ideal businesses will meet all other eligibility and commitment criteria outlined in the Program Guide.

If your business is interested in being considered for the program, review the Program Guide, and eligibility and commitment criteria. If your business is eligible, submit your expression of interest here: Basin RevUp questions and expression of interest.

If you are a technology-based business and your company is showing some revenue and investment potential but you’ve run up against some challenges, there’s a RevUp program for you too!

RevUp is a program developed by Accelerate Okanagan where it has successfully supported growth stage Okanagan companies that have created jobs and now employ over 450 people.

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