2018 Design for Startups Industry Research Program | November 1 Deadline

Design for Startups is unique program in which student designers join early-stage company teams in order to work on a specific design problem.

Through this initiative a new model for connecting art and design university with early-stage companies through accelerators and VC-backed portfolios has been developed and tested.

Design for Startups is an initiative of Living Labs, one of four research centres at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. We support creative projects, social venture and entrepreneurship driven by art and design; build projects and partnership models that use art and design as a mechanism for innovation and community building; and connect with organizations to develop externally facing, embedded, adaptive design labs that take a form suitable to the structure and culture of organizations and the nature of the design problems to be addressed.

Early-stage tech companies seeking emerging creative talent are encouraged to apply and be matched with a designer who can help with everything from branding to designing an app.

Companies who are interested in applying can visit the program’s webpage for more info.  Deadline for program registration is November 1, 2017.


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