2016-17 KAST Annual Report

This past year has been a busy one here at KAST.  Our goal is to build a recognized, vibrant and prosperous science and technology community in the region and it has been exciting to see initiatives established supporting this end.

It has been a building year for KAST.  With the MIDAS project initiated, staff were able to focus on the the work of making it run smoothly. The results have been impressive and we are pleased to see it embraced by local industry, educational institutions, as well as inventors and budding entrepreneurs. KAST projected the project’s significant impact on industry, business and the community and it’s to our great satisfaction that those projections have become a reality.

With the Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) and the High Expertise in a Rural Environment (HERE) programs, KAST has continued to fulfill the ambitious mandate of facilitating local technology entrepreneurs. For the future, KAST has committed to working on a program to attract technology workers, entrepreneurs and professionals to the Basin. This is consistently seen by local industry as one of the top barriers to economic growth in our area and has the potential to be another high impact program.

For a full review of the activities and mandate of Kootenay Association of Science & Technology, please read the full Annual Report HERE.

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